Doll’s House Challenge

3D Challenge

I have challenged a group of Year 4 girls to create a doll’s house out of CD cases and 3D printed edging pieces. They will then ‘power’ their house using littleBits.

Here is their inspiration:

By galileO

The girls started their doll’s house with printed elements from our pink filament, which was proving to be quite difficult to work with as the temporary parts were hard to remove. They then switched to parts printed from the newer roll that perfectly separated.

They added lights and a fan using littleBits. There were so much more possibilities, but I could see that the girls wanted to decorate their house and play with it.

The hardest part in the library setting is to keep the house intact with the whole school using the space each week. We may need to invest in some trays to move pieces like these to a storage area during lessons in the future.

Students from year five are keen to create their own Goosebumps version of the house. Stay tuned……


Doll's House

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