August Snapshot


Our Makerspace is really starting to develop. It has taken quite some time to create the space first imagined. I am the personality type that hopes things can be done yesterday, but great things take time and effort. We started off with a space that had excellent tools but not much direction. Now we are slowly introducing design challenges to inspire students to create together.

Spaces within our library are becoming more apparent as we evolve. Students know where to go when they enter and key storage areas to leave their designs. This has been a balancing act as the library still needs to maintain its pivotal role in encouraging a love of reading. At least Lego is no longer being hidden in with the books. 🙂

I have noticed vast improvements in their collaboration on tasks. It is wonderful that they are not only using the space together but also starting to plan and build together also. Our makerspace is filled with students each day, and it is becoming a thriving harmonious space.


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